My Beta Journey Begins!

So, I have started working on my fourth book and this is the first time that I feel like I might want to get this one published. Like anyone plugged into the Internet universe I decided to research what steps I would need to take when I have a product. (Which I don’t yet).

Beta reading was first described to me by author Jenna Moreci (she has a great YouTube channel full of fun and informative advice for writers) How to be a Good Beta Reader – Jenna Moreci

The thing about it is, I became intrigued by the idea of this community on the web. Being the first person to read what could become a best-selling novel. Helping people refine their work. How could I not want to do this?! I would be like a literary superhero!

For me, I feel that it would also serve a dual purpose. Seeing what other people do when working on their novel through a reader’s perspective could give me a chance not to make mistakes that perhaps I wouldn’t see as a writer.

I noticed that beta reading is quietly turning into an industry. I know that as an artist it’s hard to pay for all those other things attached to getting a book out there. Book covers, marketing, editing, etc. I don’t want to charge people for reading. I love reading and do it for free all the time. I want to choose the books I read. I want to be a reading superhero for my authors.

And I discovered that I could enjoy this.

So, I decided to start out small. One little post on Goodreads forums.

Goodreads: Beta Reader Available!

And wow, they flowed in like crazy!

I read a few authors first few chapters. The ones that I liked I asked if we could move forward and the ones that didn’t hold my attention I still offered advice on and wished them luck.

I found, I like sharing my opinions with the writers. It’s a conversation I always wanted to have! It’s like a book club with the God of a world. It’s lending a voice to a story while I read it. It’s interacting with the Creator of the universe I’m living in. Who wouldn’t want to do that as an avid reader?

There are so many times that I wanted to yell at the characters, the authors. There are so many times I wanted to congratulate them on an awesome description or a beloved character. And now, I discovered that I can!

And hopefully one day, I could have some passionate betas for my first book to see the light of day. What a beautiful thing!


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