Why I Beta Read for Free…

Beta reading is turning into an industry. I’m not saying that this is the worst thing ever but I’m really forced to wonder why. Most authors, especially when they are starting out, can’t really afford all the costs of publishing a book as it is.

I want to see my authors books in stores and online. How fun would that be?

I enjoy reading and the opportunity to be a part of product testing in this field has a lot of joy in it. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve only just begun doing this online. But either way, why not make it a free service. It gives me the freedom to choose what books I do read, instead of reading something because I need to make that money.

I feel like we are more valuable to the authors if we’re just as excited about their books as they are. It makes the process more fun. And the relationships between betas and authors deeper.

I hope that beta reading continues to have a vein of people like me that really… Just Want to Do It. And I think that our authors are just a grateful for this free community of readers.

There are two sides of this fence and I know that some people see the value in their service and want to do that for a living. It would be a cool job. But I think it’s just for fun and like that I don’t have to worry about those bills.


6 thoughts on “Why I Beta Read for Free…

  1. Hello,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog posts.
    Would you be interested in reading my story, it is a middle grade fantasy,50,000 words.
    I am looking for proof reading and any feedback relating to the plot,flow and characters and if anything doesn’t sound right.
    Please feel free to email me at anniekbaxter@outlook.com

    Kind regards



    1. Hi Annie,

      At the moment my beta workload is quite a bit. I keep the “novel” section of my submissions updated. If you want I can wait list you but it probably won’t be until next year at least.
      If being put on the wait list is something that you would be interested let me know. I am decent at editing / proof reading too (but I’m not a professional). Good luck on your book. I hope I get to read it!

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