Beta Readers: Where to Find Them

The Beta Reader Blog now has a forum sister site!

It’s brand new but I’m hoping that people will use it as a resource for connecting writers and beta readers. Because let’s face it, you have to look everywhere for beta readers 🙂

The Beta Reader Blog Forum

Since I realize that it will take time to build this forum up I have included a “Forum” bar on the homepage of The Beta Reader Blog. So that this advice will always be right on the homepage.

This information will be on this blog post but just in case anyone wants to refer to it later, you won’t have to look through all the old posts. It will be front and center 🙂

Other good places to look for betas until the forum is up and running:

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have communities in them that can help you find betas.

Fan Story

GoodReads: Beta Reader Group

World Literary Cafe


If you know of others feel free to join this conversation.


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