Questions Worth Asking During the Beta Process

Disclaimer 1

Usually, after authors give me their work they don’t really have questions for me to answer. This is something that authors should reconsider when sending out their book for feedback. You aren’t sure what kind of beta reader you’re going to get. But if you already have questions ready for feedback, then you’ll be able to make sure you get the most out of it.

Likewise, betas, not a lot of authors ask questions. They just let it float there. And if you send them great feedback about things they hadn’t considered, they will thank you.

This post is to help authors pull information out of their betas. It is also for betas to get used to asking some of these questions while they read to provide awesome feedback.

The rest of this post is a series of questions sectioned off by category. Hope these help!


General Questions:

How was the opening of the chapter?

What are the strongest impressions you got from the selection?

Do you have a favorite moment?

Was there a moment you didn’t like?

What do you think of the writing style?

Do you want to read more?

Did you notice any point of view or tense changes?

Were there any sentences that made you reread the line or interrupt your flow?

What did you think of any metaphors used? Were there too many or too few?



How was the scenery?

Could you relate it to any popular culture references, as far as the feel?

Did it feel real?

How were the descriptions?



How did you feel about the characters?

Were they realistic or two dimensional?

Was there a character you most related to?



Was the dialogue missing anything?

Were the characters consistent during interaction?

Too many words or too few? Too long?

Did any of the dialogue seem irrelevant?


World Building:

How was the world?

Were concepts introduced?

Were the descriptions engaging?

Did you notice any inconsistencies?

Did you have any questions about the world?


Technology / Magic:

Were there descriptions of any technology / magic introduced?

Was the description/explanation believable?

What did you see? What did it remind you of?


Back Story:

Did you like the way any back stories or history were presented?

Was it awkward?

Did the back story influence your feelings about the character or world?



What did you think of any memories or flashbacks in the chapter?

How were they presented?

Did you forget you were in a flashback?

Did you like the flashback?

Did the flashback serve a purpose?




There are a lot more questions than this about individual type of scenes or things I just haven’t thought of. Sometimes, I think this is a blog of questions!! But hopefully thought provoking, awesome questions.

I plan to have a series for all the different types of scenes and I will be addressing those more specific questions in later posts.

If you want to know how to attack something like that in your book or want advice as a beta reader. Here I am!


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