Book Review Submissions @ The Beta Reader Blog

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend. People have been asking me to review their books. This sounds like a marvelous idea!

The submissions page will be updated with my guidelines for book reviews but I will cover it here, right now.

I’m going to accept novels and short stories. Submissions probably won’t be open long after this post, so get them in quick if you’re interested!

My preferred genres:

-Science Fiction / Fantasy



-Historical Fiction (depending on the era)

-Thrillers / Mystery


In your submission:

Send me a blurb, the title and a page count. When I have finished with your book I’ll send you a copy of the review and post it on my blog. Book reviews will be its own page on TheBetaReaderBlog.

If there is any promotional artwork or a book cover, I encourage you to send that. If you have an Amazon page or anything of the like, definitely, send that. If you want me to put my review on your sell page, I can do that too.

I accept .doc or PDF formats.

Email me:

Hope to discover some amazing new writers!


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