Book Review: The Bonding Spell by M.L. Doyle


Hester Trueblood can’t deny having an ancient, Sumerian goddess in her head has its perks.

She enjoys her new strength and fighting abilities, things that would have been useful when she was a soldier. And the two handsome men dedicated to serving and protecting her are a nice bonus too.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks.

Having Inanna’s voice inside her head 24/7 can be annoying, and the constant threat of demons and monsters is a dangerous nuisance. The bitchy goddess and the evil hordes are problems Hester can handle, but the adoration of a demigod has Hester off balance.

None of that matters when an old secret threatens to destroy Hester’s family. To battle the goddess of witchcraft, Hester will need all of Inanna’s powers along with the help of her devoted soldiers–and even a love-struck demigod–if she wants to survive.

The Bonding Spell has a refreshing strong heroine, Hester Trueblood, that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. I didn’t experience a single moment of yelling at her – and I was amazed.

If you love the paranormal/fantasy genre with an amazing woman leading the charge, this is a great read. It’s a fun ride with action, sensory-explosive romantic scenes, and intriguing character development that had me rooting for the good guys.

That being said it was a slow start. The first chapter didn’t hook me right away. But the story picked up pace after that point and I found myself enjoying the ride.

I also noticed the last part of the book (really just the last couple of chapters) could use another editor look. The author let me know that she was going to take care of that. It wasn’t enough to completely tear me out of the story and I didn’t care when I was reading it.


Hester Trueblood’s world is just like ours, if we were in the military, before she picks up a coin and joins with the goddess Inanna.

The elements were thoughtfully laid out and didn’t bore me to death. M.L. Doyle has a gift for description, it didn’t feel too heavy and I definitely felt as if I were in the world.

The world has a variety of characters itself, a deity-merging mythos, vivid magical systems, and smelly ogres. It has believable magic and well researched folklore knowledge. And I also really loved the settings in the world.


The characters were well-developed and believable. I didn’t get anyone confused and I liked all of them for different reasons. I found myself sympathizing and rooting for the ones I liked. The villain was a little weak for me but overall – I enjoyed it enough not to get mad at that either.


The pacing of the story was fun and action intensive. I didn’t experience any lulls after that first chapter. It picked up really quick and the world unfolded very gracefully.

There were some points in the book that felt predictable, but it’s the points that weren’t that kept me page turning. I was a little disappointed with the conclusion of the story but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the next book.


This is a fun read and I like that I didn’t get frustrated with the characters or the action. M.L. Doyle is a gifted author and I encourage people to check her work out.

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