Skeleton Party: Edits & Rewrites

After I finished my beta reading feedback, I went back to my own book.

My alpha reader had some notes for me, some things to think about.

I decided not to go straight to his notes. Using the opportunity to give my manuscript another read, I’m glad that I did.

For years, I’ve been writing. The volume of work I have is ridiculous. Normally, when I’m finished, I don’t edit. It just goes into a stack. A graveyard. A diary.

This editing bit is new for me with my own work. Luckily, I’ve been reading other people’s work for a very long time.

My beta reading tools are invaluable in this process. More valuable than anything else I have done to hone my craft.

I found tons of style issues. Sentences I didn’t like. Shifting tense. Weird descriptions I put in during my ecstasy of writing. I have used my husband’s notes. Rewritten scenes. And even added in more scenes.

The thing I keep thinking about during this process is beta reading. Between this blog which is making me really examine my thoughts during reading a piece and the advice I’ve given to my writers. My writing feels more cohesive than it has in years.

Whenever I delete something looking at the bones of this manuscript, I cheer myself up with images of a skeleton party. The picture featured on this post started this new obsession in my universe. In my head, it looks like one of those 50’s and 60’s cartoons with classical music and slapstick. No words.

This may seem like it came out of nowhere but now I have to deal with some real bones, rewriting the death of a character I love. I’ve been using this blog post to avoid it. Now that I’ve shared a moment, I’ll get back to work.

I’m not excited about it though 😛



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