Beta Readers, Give Your Writers Reviews! (And Why Writers Should Do the Same)

This week, I’ve been seeing some conversation on social media about beta readers giving book reviews to their writers after the project is finished.

I will admit… it’s difficult to be objective about something you’ve spent so much time working on and beta reading can feel like this when you do it like do, chapter-by-chapter.

That was the argument against doing it. I disagree.

Reviews are immensely helpful for a writer trying to get their book out there. When people see what someone else has to say about the book they are more likely to lend gravity to it.

When I beta read a book, I have to like it or I won’t read it. It’s simple as that for me. For me, that means, I’m a great person for the writer to have review for them.

I know the book very well. It’s weak points. The things I don’t agree with. The things I love and hate. And most importantly, why the book was worth my time. You don’t spend as much time as I do with a book without loving it. That’s why I truly believe, I’m the perfect person to review for it.

I didn’t do beta reading for my book reviews on here so far. You’ll know when I beta read something 🙂

I believe beta readers and critique partners are a great way to get those reviews up on your store page. We all listen to reviews. That’s why I always see my “Testimonials” page is clicked on very often. (I need to add more to that!)

This brings me to another thing. Good beta readers are difficult to find. I see people frustrated with this process all the time.

But I had a thought, why don’t beta readers get more reviews? We could use them. It would definitely help writers find good betas and help betas find the level of writing excellence we all crave.



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