Inserting New Scenes into My Manuscript and Other Thoughts

I’ve had a weak ending to my book. It has been hovering over me. This is my third edit but the first round of rewrites to my manuscript. An insecurity happens when I add new scenes… Reworking it into the story.

This is where a lot of macro holes can happen… at least that’s my thought.

I’m looking at five new scenes right now. It’s my goal to write a novella. Not a full length novel. Novellas are difficult to write! I keep having this too little, too much issue.

Whenever I work on a new scene, I have to remember all the little details in the book that will be effected. It’s a living organism. You change something but you have to go through it again to make sure the rest of the world isn’t messed up.

Although it’s fun to write new scenes or keep a folder of scenes I’ve deleted. It’s also one of the more difficult parts of editing right now. My goal is to have it finished this weekend (and this is a realistic goal) so my alpha can read my second draft.

After this I’m going to check out some different critique sites, share with you my experiences and how their systems work on those sites. I’m also starting to think about the cover design and I would love to hear any suggestions on some great artists, so I can check out their portfolios.

Hopefully, I can make this book better than the first draft in the second! Time will tell. I just hope I don’t over-edit it. 🙂


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