Betas and Critique Partners: Would You Like to Be Featured on TheBetaReaderBlog?

Going around the internet, I see a lot of “Meet the Authors” style blog posts. I think it would be really fun to get to know the other avid beta readers out there.

Their styles. Their prices (if they have them). Their personalities. Whether or not they swap. I’m open to Critique Partners too!

I think it would be a great opportunity to network with others like me. The betas I’ve met on my journey have been amazing people, a lot of them have over flowing inboxes!

But it would be nice to meet others like myself. Addicted to reading and willing to labor for the love of it.

Even if your services aren’t available at the moment or you like a specific genre, I want to get to know you! Your blog. Your process. Your world.

If you’re interested in having my readers know you email me:

I would love to hear if there is something in particular you want to talk about otherwise, I’ll send over a list of questions in whatever format you want.

I really hope to meet the other beta readers of the interwebs and I’m sure the writers following this blog would love to as well!




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