Book Review: Birth of Hope by A.J. Trevors


Gaia Birth Of Hope Book Blurb

Birth of Hope is an action heavy science fiction adventure. If you like alien wars (and worlds), advanced technology and moral conundrums this is for you. The aliens are believable and the descriptions vivid. I didn’t get too bogged down with info dumping.

Damien is an interesting study as a hero he isn’t the most confident or manly guy around. His world is falling a part, following his journey to try and keep a life together with all the circumstances out of his control was easy to sympathize with.


The story takes place on an alien world. It was described well and had its own unique locations and features. This author definitely has a talent for setting a scene. Some of my favorite parts of the book were the world/city descriptions.


The characters were well developed but there were times when I didn’t connect to them. The ones I connected to surprised me but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all great characters to watch. And there were a couple colorful personalities I really enjoyed seeing on the page. That said, it was the secondary characters that captured my attentions and sympathies the most.


The plot moves at a break neck pace with only one lull that comes to mind. If you like a ton of action, war and destruction… yes, this book is fun.


This book was a fun read but I will caution the reader, it needs some editing. There were parts that made me stumble. The scope of the world is fantastic. The development was there. And the next book hints to an expanding universe in the installments to come. The story was worth reading, if you can overlook some of the above problems, and I liked it a lot.

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