Book Review: Firetok by Gordon A. Wilson

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Firetok is a fast paced read. It kept me reading and I found it a nice change of pace. If you like horror and the darker side of the human condition, this is for you. The world was gritty and intriguing. It had interesting commentary. It made you think. The characters were interesting and the settings were very well laid out.

There are supernatural elements that felt believable and it kept treading the line between darkness and light. I’m glad Gordon A. Wilson shared his work with me and I would read it again.




It’s got elements of realism to it. The story of Firetok is earth-bound. It’s presented in a way that feels very matter-of-fact. And that made it come across as very substantial.




The characters were very tough in their own ways. It was easy to sympathize and root for the main character. The bad guys were really bad. And the characters that supported the protagonist were likeable and I couldn’t wait to see them on the page. At times, the characters had poignant conversations that I really enjoyed reading.




The plot at times was non-linear. I had moments where I wondered when it would wrap around but it didn’t frustrate me enough to stop reading. The journey of getting there was interesting and compelling enough to keep going. Everything wraps up very nicely so there was no disappointment. It really was a fun thrill ride if you don’t mind being uncomfortable sometimes when you read it 🙂



I enjoyed the themes and the points about issues in our society it covered. It had supernatural elements that were very realistic and down-to-earth. If you are a fan of horror or like books that make you think, this one is a great read.



Today is a very special day (February 25,2016) Gordon is giving away free copies to promote his book!

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