A Site that Took Me Awhile to Figure Out

So, originally I thought Scriggler would be a site where I could get some feedback on my work. While that is certainly possible it wouldn’t be an in-depth study of your work. It’s in the form of comments and likes, no critiques.

Scriggler is a way for writers to showcase their work. They promote it on Twitter and help you build a following. It refers to itself as a “writing and blogging community”.

Within Scriggler you can write opinion pieces, stories, and poetry. There are groups and tons of ways to socialize. It gives you a lot of material from other writers to read.

For my part, I’ve only been posting poetry on there. It seems like a good way to grow readership. I am unsure if it would be just as useful for a novel but that’s something some one else would have to decide.

For a while I had trouble navigating the website. Changing settings on my profile was the biggest issue I had. Given my frustrations, it was enough for me not to really commit my time on this site. But just because it’s not for me, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be helpful for another writer out there somewhere.

I don’t think I gave the site a good shake. It seems like the community on Scriggler is very supportive. I will say this much, on this site you can talk about all manner of controversial things and it would definitely help you build a platform with your work.

If anyone else has used it, it would be great to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “ A Site that Took Me Awhile to Figure Out

  1. I’m always game for a new website! If my website memberships were in the form of business cards, I’d have shoeboxes of them! Joking aside, I’ve been seeing Scriggler here and there on FB and Twitterland so my curiosity has been rising. Comments and Likes sound quite benign for a site geared toward being a writing community. Thanks for sharing your experience! Looking forward to more site reviews (if and when you have the time, of course).

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