Book Review: Santa Muerte (The Daniela Story Book #1) by Lucina Stone




Santa Muerte is an interesting read. It has an expansive world with different races, time travel, and witches. It’s about a girl that ends up in the 1920’s after a failed suicide attempt. The protagonist is the child of two moms that escapes one blunder after another in her effort to get back to her own year in 2030.




The world is well developed with different creatures and magic. It was consistent but there were moments I wish I saw it better. The magical world in the story was convincing and fascinating to read about. We learn about its elements with the protagonist and her family. The book finishes with enough loose ends to make you want to pick up the next one.

The only major thing that bothered me about the world was technology didn’t feel developed enough or realistic enough for fifteen years from now. It felt like the future was more like the present for me.




The characters I enjoyed were often secondary characters. It was hard for me to handle how dense the protagonist was but she seems to pull herself together more by the end of the book. I would read the next one to see how this character evolves because the hardest part to handle was how hard it was for her to adapt to her circumstances.




The plot was definitely the most entertaining aspect of the story. I enjoyed the journey and it kept me reading. The only loose thread I can think of is when the cop on the case of finding the missing protagonist kind of falls off without resolution. However, the set up for the next book was enticing enough for me to consider reading the next one.




If you enjoy urban fantasy, time travel, and social commentary in your books… this is a good one to pick up. There were many elements I enjoyed and it wasn’t a hard read. I am excited for the next book because I want to see how the world will grow and how the characters will grow too.



If you want to purchase Santa Muerte check it out!


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