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Submissions and Etiquette Series

Beta Readers Are Not Editors . Be Clear About Submission Guidelines . Accepting A Whole Book is a Disadvantage . Submissions, Feedback and Beta Reading Etiquette . Detecting Red Flags: Before Choosing A Beta/Writer . Breaking Up: Ending A Beta/Writer Relationship . Feedback Form: Beta Reading . Criticism: Beta Reading . Beta Readers, Give Your Writers Reviews! (And Why Writers Should Do the Same) . On Talking to A Beta Reader: How and When to Ask A Question . Building A Team of Readers . How to Find a Beta Reader . Building A Beta/Writer Relationship


Beta Reading Story Element Series

On Beta Reading Killing Off Characters . On Beta Reading The Wrong Genre . Macro Holes in Your Book’s Universe . Micro Holes in Your Book’s Universe . Reading Descriptions . Reading Chapter Breaks . Reading Metaphors . Reading Magic . Reading Characters . Every Book Has Technology . Reading Subplots . On Beta Reading the Wrong Genre


Popular Culture References Series

Critiques w/ Pop Culture References: Hi-Fantasy . Critiques w/ Pop Culture References: A.I. and Robots


Questions During Beta Reading Series

General Questions . Structural Questions Character Questions . World Building Questions . Plot Questions . Action Scenes: Questions for Beta Reading . More In-Depth Character Questions for Beta Reading


Beta XP Interviews

Beta XP Interview w/ Author A.J. Trevors . Beta XP Interview w/ Author David Rettig . Beta Reader Interview: Cynthia


Critique Site Reviews

Critique Sites: How to Get the Most Out of Scribophile . A Site that Took Me Awhile to Figure Out


Feedback Decoder Ring

Feedback Decoder Ring: Clarity . Feedback Decoder Ring: Character Development

My Personal Journey

My Husband, the Alpha Reader . A Little Courage, A Little Kindness: My Husband’s Reaction to My Manuscript . My Alpha Reader: “This is just confusing.” . Skeleton Party: Edits and Rewrites . Inserting New Scenes Into My Manuscript . The Beta Reader is Looking for Beta Readers… For My Book!